The National Action Plan Steering Committee



The Working Group has representatives from the agricultural, conservation, government and non-government, research, professional and volunteer shooters sectors.

The Working Group will report to the Environment and Invasives Committee, National Biosecurity Committee and the Minister for Agriculture, on the progress of the Plan.

Meet The Group

Steering Committee to be appointed soon

Ted Rowley

Chimney Ridge Farm Moonbah, NSW

Feral deer are our major business risk posing a significant biosecurity management challenge for us. Our biosecurity planning is compromised by the presence of feral deer. Production, environmental and community safety concerns also arise from feral deer presence. For example, we cannot establish tree or grassland areas because of the need to protect areas established from grazing and browsing by feral deer for up to 14 years with 2 metre high fences.

Andrew Cox

CEO Invasive Species Council

Andrew represents the Invasive Species Council’s desire to address the growing impacts of feral deer across Australia. While we are motivated by the environmental impacts, dealing with the problem will also help people and farm businesses. If we act in a coordinated manner, supported by shared knowledge and new tools, we might slow down and possibly reverse the spread of deer.

Associate Professor Richard Price

Portfolio Director of Centre for Invasive Species Solutions

Richard is passionate about interdisciplinary research that brings together science, social science and on-ground experience, which when shared can overcome a range of community and environmental challenges. Deer are one such challenge

Dr Brad Page

Principal Biosecurity Officer (Pest Animals), PIRSA Biosecurity

Brad is a passionate leader supporting primary industries, through leadership of a team undertaking applied research, policy, and management work on pest animals. He has a keen focus on management of feral deer, wild dogs, pigs, rabbits and management of the SA Dog Fence rebuild.

Dr Penny Fisher

Principal Officer Invasive Animals, Agriculture Victoria

Penny represents Agriculture Victoria that sits within the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. As the Principal Officer for Invasive Animals, deer are one of the invasive species that threaten and impact Victorian farms, parks, forests, waterways, biodiversity and catchment assets.

Matt Godson

Program Leader- Wildlife Programs SSAA National

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia represents 200,000 members Australia-wide that regularly hunt, harvest and/or cull pest and game animals. Wild deer, like other wildlife species, need to be managed to prevent overabundant populations that can lead to negative environmental, agricultural and social impacts.

Jake Tanner

Business Partner Invasive Species

Local Land Services

Local Land Services is the leading agency for the management of established invasive species such as feral deer. Feral deer are increasingly impacting the agricultural industry and environmental values of NSW.

Richard Francis

President of the VPMAA and managing director of Abzeco

Richard represents the Vertebrate Pest Management Association Australia (VPMAA. The VPMAA is an independent, not–for profit association whose members are  Commercial Operators in Vermin Destruction, Commercial Wildlife Control and/or Professional Pest Control.

Dr Tony Pople

Invasive Plants & Animals Research

Biosecurity Queensland

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Biosecurity Queensland works closely with local governments, communities and other stakeholders to minimise the economic, environmental and social impacts of wild deer. Wild deer are increasing in abundance and spreading in Queensland, requiring the development of strategies, tools and an improved understanding of their ecology and impacts for their management.

Shalan Sholfield

Director of the established pest animals and weeds section in the Biosecurity Strategy and Reform Office

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Shalan’s work focuses on reducing the impact of established pests including deer through policy, programs and activities including developing new and improved control tools, technologies and enhancing skills and knowledge to improve management, containment and asset protection.

Ben Fahey

Manager Conservation Programs

Established introduced deer are causing significant damage to flora and fauna in Victoria. In Victorian parks and reserves we have experienced an increase in deer numbers and the damage they cause to fragile natural ecosystems including high value environmental assets like Alpine Peatlands.

Dr Annelise Wiebkin

National Deer Management Coordinator

Annelise is Australia’s first National Deer Management Coordinator.


Annelise has a strong background in Biosecurity, policy and legislation, research engagement, and management of vertebrate pest animal programs.

National Deer Management Team

Annelise Wiebkin - National Deer Management Coordinator

Dr Annelise Wiebkin has a background with Biosecurity South Australia, having led senior policy, technical, research and management work across that state.

Prior to Biosecurity SA, her work ranged from terrestrial and marine natural resource management from the tropics to the subantarctic. Annelise will engage farmers individually and in groups at tailored events in partnership with staff from state government departments, regional land management agencies and farming groups/bureaus. Engagement activities will include a focus on planning feral deer control programs in partnership with farmers, industry and government.


The aim is to increase national awareness, participation and motivation of neighbouring land managers to control feral deer. Her work will support community-led deer control in all states and territories across Australia.

Aleesha Lesiuk - National Deer Management Support Officer

Aleesha completed a Degree in Environmental Science and Management through Charles Sturt University after growing up in coastal NSW. She has lived and worked on remote National Parks in the Northern Territory as a Park Ranger and recently worked on the Revitalising Private Conservation in SA program with Livestock SA, supporting Heritage Agreement owners to protect their native vegetation.

Aleesha is dedicated to boosting national awareness of the NFDAP by engaging stakeholders and communities in feral deer control across Australia. With a solid grasp of agriculture, conservation and engagement, Aleesha will provide support to the project and those looking to implement actions under the NFDAP. 


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