We need your help to monitor feral deer

Monitoring deer distribution is a fundamental aspect of a focused management approach, offering insights into population dynamics, identifying optimal locations for implementing control measures, and alerting local councils about potential upcoming challenges.


How you can help!

Report any sightings and evidence of damage through DeerScan, a component of FeralScan. DeerScan is a free website and app, where sightings can be recorded. All data is confidential, only accessible to members of a registered deer control group.  

Record your deer sightings, damage and control activities

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“Monitoring is important for whatever program we do, basically its our key indicator of success. If we don’t have some form of baseline data, its very hard for us to justify how we’ve improved.”

– Gerard Delaney – Parks Victoria

“Deer Scan is a free phone app that can be used by anyone across Australia to record information about deer in their local area. It can be used to record information about sightings, evidence of deer or the impacts of deer. That information can be used to guide local management.”

Peter West – Feral Scan Coordinator, NSW Department of Primary Industries

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