Feral deer, known for roaming across both private and publicly managed properties, necessitate collective community action to address their impact. Individuals, property groups, entire communities and organisations can contribute to feral deer control projects:

Develop a Control Plan: Create a property-scale control plan using resources from PestSmart to aid in planning and preparing effective pest control measures.

Utilise the DeerScan App: Report deer sightings through the DeerScan App, where private groups can be formed to share information within the community.

Engage and Collaborate with Neighbouring Properties: Initiate conversation and form groups with neighbouring properties to understand their concerns, exchange ideas and share management strategies.

Establish Community Groups: Create community groups to raise awareness, make community-led decisions on effective control methods, and engage other stakeholders (private, industry, and local government) in collaborative efforts.
Whether dealing with a small or large feral deer population or addressing a new incursion, collaborative community efforts can make a significant impact.

Community Feral Deer Management (CFDM): Defined as the “active engagement of the community in managing local feral deer impacts,” CFDM encompasses activities like reporting deer sightings, vegetation monitoring, public education days, or implementing removal and non-removal management measures, such as erecting exclusion fences.

CFDM, when consistently applied, can notably reduce the impacts of feral deer. Communities play a crucial role in managing feral deer on private property, impacting population numbers and ensuring the sustainability of large-scale operations. The valuable data provided by communities, including sightings and control efforts, contributes to a comprehensive understanding of feral deer spread.

Find resources to support your program below...

Organisations and community groups can use the below resources to support education and awareness raising activities. 

Resources for community education

Feral Deer Impacts Fact Sheet

Community feral deer management

Download Here This fact sheet outlines the impact of feral deer.  It was designed for awareness raising in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It... Read More → Feral Deer Impacts Fact Sheet

Monitoring Feral Deer Landholder Guide

Community feral deer management

Download Here This guide will help landholders identify if feral deer are present or moving through their property and will provide... Read More → Monitoring Feral Deer Landholder Guide

Identifying Feral Deer and Signs Field Guide

Community feral deer management

Download Here This guide outlines identification of feral deer species and their signs in the environment so that you are equipped to... Read More → Identifying Feral Deer and Signs Field Guide

Organisations and community groups can use the below templates to support development of their community program. 


Organisations and community groups are encouraged to read past literature on CFDM to learn from past experience. 

Literature on CFDM

Vegetation Monitoring Method

Literature CFDM

Download Here This field manual is designed to assist land managers to easily implement surveys for assessing deer impacts on forested... Read More → Vegetation Monitoring Method

Nillumbik Shire Survey Results

Literature CFDM

Download Report Council has been running the Participate Nillumbik’s Community Deer Management – Knowledge to Action survey... Read More → Nillumbik Shire Survey Results

Living with deer in Harrietville

Literature CFDM

Download Report Download Framework The Living with Deer Project aimed to empower the Harrietville community to manage deer and their... Read More → Living with deer in Harrietville

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