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08 November 2023 РAustralian Government 


Agricultural producers spend money and time managing established vertebrate pests and weeds, and also suffer production losses. In this study we draw on multiple sources of information to estimate what this costs. Estimates are provided both nationally and for states and territories, and for broad agricultural industries. For vertebrate pests we focus on European foxes, European rabbits, feral pigs, wild dogs, and feral goats. Costs arising from the potentially significant environmental and social impacts of pest animals and weeds, and impacts on infrastructure, were not estimated.

Key findings

  • In an average year established vertebrate pest animals and weeds are estimated to cost Australian agricultural producers at least $5.3 billion, with weeds contributing 82% of the total.
  • Across states and territories average costs range between 4% and 17% of the local value of production.
  • Management expenditure comprised of time and effort to address these pest and weed problems contributed 72% of the estimated cost.

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